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About the Book

In Mercy 6, four people collapse dead in the same instant within a newly renovated Los Angeles hospital. Dr. Mendenhall, the woman who is head of the Emergency Room, isn’t convinced the cause of death is a contagion. But it’s in the interests of the hospital administrators — and of the world at large — for people to think that it is. If the world knew the truth there could only be widespread panic.

The hospital is immediately locked down. Information is suddenly being strictly controlled. Government troops encircle the hospital to enforce the quarantine, and other bodies arrive in ER. Working with an ally in Pathology and a colleague who is outside the hospital, Mendenhall develops her understanding that what has taken these lives has global implications … and whatever it is, it’s not a virus.

What Readers Are Saying

Bajo’s story and characters are intriguing, his writing sharply observant…. a great read. —Robert Gray, Shelf Awareness

Immediately intriguing…. well-written…. The complex, nuanced story will appeal to those interested in deciphering the events and attaching their own meaning rather than being provided straightforward answers. The events are a metaphor that can be interpreted in many ways, about containing information, and about the consequences of stifling and suppressing new ideas. —Foreword Reviews